Custom Pallets + Crates

Many customers are surprised to find switching from new to recycled and re-manufactured pallets can offer substantial cost savings, often with equal or greater quality. Give us a call and one of our experts will help you determine if recycled pallets are a good fit for your business.



reclaimed wood, minneapolis, twin cities, wisconsin

Our reclaimed wood speaks for itself. Always covered in just the right amount of character and consistent high quality. At a very affordable price, bring any of your projects to life. Click below for inspiration and to learn more.




Used Pallet Removal

Specialty Pallet + Crate understands pallets are probably the last thing your business should be worried about. We are your solution. Let us take your used and broken pallets away, either as a basic removal or as back-haul from when we deliver your fresh load.  


Transportation and Delivery

Specialty Pallet + Crate operates its own transportation division in addition to hiring out trucking when special needs arise. Our drivers are courteous and always seeking feedback about how we can provide better products and customer service. 



100% of the wood waste from our pallet operation is ground into mulch, which we sell in four standard colors: Natural, Brown, Gold, and Red. 

All pricing is volume based. Please call for details.