new and recycled pallet manufacturing

Specialty Pallet + Crate is a locally owned and operated, full-service pallet manufacturer and clean wood waste recycler. We provide high-quality pallets and crates while utilizing recycled materials whenever possible.

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we Recycle used pallets

The more raw material we bring in, the more value we can deliver to our customers and keep clean wood waste out of our landfills. Distribution centers, manufacturers, food/grocery related businesses, big retailers, and other entities all generate used and broken pallets. Call and we'll solve this problem for you. 715.643.2064  

our products

Standard-sized reconditioned or new pallets, custom pallets, and custom wood crating are our core business. Our production experts will work with you to design and build the ideal product for your operation.

zero waste

Whatever material we can't use to fix or build pallets gets ground into clean, high-quality mulch for sale to landscapers, agricultural operations, and the public. Nothing is wasted. By doing business with SPC you're keeping valuable wood resources out of landfills and helping our Earth stay green for future generations.